Being Anemic Sucks!

Let me just start out by saying having Anemia sucks!  It all started one day during my morning boot camp.  After being at my peak of physical fitness, everything started getting very difficult to do.  That included standing around, working out and even picking the kids up. And did I mention…ALL my hair started falling out!!!  Brushes full!!

With only about 25% of my hair left I decided it was time to go to the doctor.  After a blood test my answer was Anemia.  I was put on iron and various other vitamins to help my hair and body repair…But what to do about my hair NOW???

I called my gal pal and hair dresser Lauren in tears…”MY HAIR!!!  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???”  She said it was time to put extensions in.  I had been debating on getting hair extensions, but do to cost I didn’t.  Well let me tell you…When all your hair falls out you’ll pay whatever it costs to fix it if possible.

After talking to Lauren we decided in tape in extensions.  Its gentle on the hair and stays in well with my busy life.  That was the best day ever!  Now my hair appointments average 2.5 hours, but totally worth it.  They have lasted one year and are still looking great!  I think I’m ready to upgrade to a longer set for next year.

For anyone going through this find your local gal pal and get hooked up!!!  It’s totally worth it!!

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