I’ve become a bag lady

Staying organized is a life long obsession. Being a teacher, mom and wife I’m constantly organizing everything! From my bedroom to my classroom, I’m always trying to find products that help me out.

I started using 31 bags about 4 years ago. No matter how many I have I always feel like I need more because they are all so useful.

My favorite is the large utilitye tote to take to the grocery store. I always get compliments for the baggers and check out staff on how nice my bags are. The metal around the bag helps to held its shape which makes it easy for picking and carrying. I’ve also seen people use them for babies at the beach.


My second favorite are the insulated snack bags. I use them in planes, parks, in the car, baseball games….the uses are endless! They now have the cutest snack bags that are unicorns and sharks oh my!


Not Only do these make great gifts but they are Very durable and easy to clean. I’ve  even thrown mine in the washing machine before.

thirty one

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