Bathroom Transformation

It all started with a model home…


We had nothing to do on a Sunday and decided to go out and look at the new model homes in the next town over.  How fun…Right?  The new house smell,  the staging…Everything is amazing in a model home! Holy Bathroom!  I died and went to heaven.  This is where it all began.  I decided then and there that this bathroom would be great for my kids bathroom which is also the guest bathroom.


First I had to hunt down that tile!  Yeah right and good luck.  That was impossible.  I went to every tile shop in San Diego and found nada!  The closest I came was a custom-made and painted tile at $7 per tile. (Yeah right)  I had to come to the realization that was not happening.  I decided Mermaid tile was the second choice.  As in usual fashion the last shop I went to had everything I needed.  Not only the glass mermaid tile, but the grey floor and shower tile as well.


In looking for plumbing fixtures I stumbled across an amazing bath and kitchen store in San Diego. The sales woman was AMAZING with helping me since I want $10,000 shower plumbing for $500.  I found great Kohler products that looked custom at a great price.  Not to mention amazing quality. When it came to ordering all of the plumbing it was smooth sailing till the tub…the CAST IRON TUB!!!

I was always told by a family friend that was a contractor you always install a cast iron tub.  They are super heavy, but last a lifetime.  I always follow good contracting advice and order a cast iron tub.  After ordering we start demo.  All comes off without a hitch till I get a phone call.  The woman on the phone proceeds to tell me that the Kohler tub factory has burnt down to the ground and will not have tubs for 6 months!!!  Uhhh…Hello!!  I already demoed the bathroom!  What now?  Thankfully she found a different tub in stock similar that ended up working.  (Of course it was more expensive)


Next the custom bathroom vanity from B&D Cabinets was installed.  They are so good at design and the quality is amazing!

Now the tile…Thank goodness everything went smooth there because I had the exact amount of glass tile.  I didn’t want to have to buy extra. $$$

Plumbing was installed and now onto the finally…The shower doors.  As the installer is working he informs me that the tub is not level and the doors will not stayed close.  What????  I about lost my mind.  Thankfully he was really good at his job and about $150 later he shimed it and all was fine.


Just some shelves from amazon.  And a few other goodies from Homegoods and the bathroom is done.  I think the bathroom rug might be my favorite from Target.  YOU ARE AWESOME

Still needs TP holder and a towel bar.  Also don’t forget the BANKSY art that’s going up.  I will post the Grand Finale picture when all is done.





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