Pretty Young


I hate needles!  But I would like to look younger like every woman and mom in the world.  I’ve seen my friends get Botox and heard all the horror stories. And did I mention OUCH!!!!Foamy-LiftExoderma-Peel_002

I got my second lifetime facial recently from my esthetician.  She used the most amazing product that is so firming it makes your face pulse!  It smells a bit like dirt, but who cares!  I’d gladly smear dirt all over my face if it would tighten everything up a bit.

Its called Danne Montague-King (DMK).  It’s a two-part process consisting of:

1.  DMK Exoderma Peel

2. DMK Foamy Lift

Its pretty easy peasy.  You mix 50/50 of each product in a glass dish, brush on your face and wait 30 minutes.  The waiting is the hardest part. It will get hard as plaster and make your face jump.  It’s crazy! Wash off with hot water.  It’s a little tough to get off but worth the results.  I saw some fine lines immediately go away.

What a great weekly pick me up.  I know I could sure use one.  If you would like something for a bi-daily use only use the DMK Exoderma peel.  It’s a little lighter of a product on its own.

Can’t wait to hear what you think about your pretty face.

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