So Fresh & So Clean

Laundry is definitely a chore in my household.  The collecting and the sorting and the washing and the folding and the hanging up…IN NEVER ENDS!!

Oil Spots????  I had these weird oil spots on our clothes that I couldn’t get out.  I have learned that these are from the soap (Which is for the HE Frontloader).  The soaps are oil based and when they fall onto dry clothing, they create these spots.  You can get the spots out my rubbing dish soap on the spots and then washing.  Now instead of using the recommended amount of soap I use about 2 tablespoons.  Works Great!

I have found a few items that have changed my life of laundry!


This is my favorite product.  I add half of what they recommend and love the light smell it adds to the clean laundry.  It comes in 3 scents at target and right now if you buy 3 you get a $10 gift card.

These have changed my life.  I used to have striped clothing run colors, now they all stay put.  I usually buy at the grocery store or target but I found them on Amazon.   GUEST_aafda66f-6fc4-4347-a72b-a80a35bc201cThey catch-all of the colors that bleed out in the laundry on these little sheets.  You only have to use one.  Very helpful with the whites.  I can now safely wash a red and white striped shirt with no fear!

These products have made washing much easier!!

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