Laneige Lip Mask Dupe

This was all by accident!  I was never on the lookout for a dupe for this lip mask.  I never even though one existed due to its popularity, but I found one.

Here is ths1966258-main-zoome original very famous Laneige Lip mask.  I was super excited to try it.  I really enjoy it.  It has a slightly rose/berry scent and is not to think.  Many women not only use it as a lip mask but as a gloss or even to make a matte lipstick shiny.  It has so many uses.  Can’t say anything bad about it.  it retails for around $20.

Here comes the part I was so surprised to find that I love just as much, maybe even more when you find out the cost difference.

Here is the Vaseline lip therapy rose lips.  It has a super nice rose smell, but not61r7YMklaBL._AC_UL640_QL65_hing super strong.  The lip therapy is a great consistency, making your lips super soft.  Even though it looks like it has a tint to it, there is none.  You can get 12 of these bad boys for $18 on Amazon. Such a deal!!  I bought mine as a two pack at Target.  I now have one in every purse and every car.

I feel like the biggest difference is that the Laneige comes with a applicator and a sleeve for the applicator.  For the price difference you just have to go old school with the Vaseline and use your finger.

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