Ugg Deals

Holy almost 80% off!!  Here are the the best and cutest Ugg deals I have seen since Black Friday.  Some come in multiple colors.





The Perfect Cardigan

Ok…Here’s one of the problems about being a Woman.  We can’t stay one temperature ever!!!  My husband laughs at me because I have to bring a sweater to dinner…Even if it’s 100 degrees outside.  Kinda seems ridiculous, but it’s a real thing!


I ordered these cardigans from Zulily awhile ago and boy am I in love!!  They have the cutest buttons and are the perfect weight.

The button detail is amazing for the price as well.

Here is the bad…Zulily takes forever to get!  So long, I forgot I ordered it.  So just don’t be in a hurry.  Forget you ordered it!

The Perfect Swimsuit

We made it!  After landing at Maui’s airport, picking up the rental car and doing a shopping run at the grocery store it’s time to relax.

We decided to go to downtown Lahaina tonight to walk around for a little bit.  There are lots of shops, but I saw a swimsuit only store.  THE HORROR!.

I have to preface the story by stating I’ve had two C-sections…Hence the horror.  I have the bump or shelf that most women have.  Needless to say it is tough to find a cute swimsuit that I like.


So back to the story.  I walked in and this place is like a swimwear rainbow.  So pretty inside.

The lovely sales girl named CHYAN helped me.  They have a display of all top and bottom styles.  She was super knowledgable on what would work best for me.  They have every solid you can think of and even prints.

I found the unicorn…a swimsuit I love!  Super cute Hawaiian print.  Maybe with a few lava flows I might post a picture later.

Solids can be ordered online, but prints are limited to the stores only.  Check it out next time your on Maui!

Pretty Young


I hate needles!  But I would like to look younger like every woman and mom in the world.  I’ve seen my friends get Botox and heard all the horror stories. And did I mention OUCH!!!!Foamy-LiftExoderma-Peel_002

I got my second lifetime facial recently from my esthetician.  She used the most amazing product that is so firming it makes your face pulse!  It smells a bit like dirt, but who cares!  I’d gladly smear dirt all over my face if it would tighten everything up a bit.

Its called Danne Montague-King (DMK).  It’s a two-part process consisting of:

1.  DMK Exoderma Peel

2. DMK Foamy Lift

Its pretty easy peasy.  You mix 50/50 of each product in a glass dish, brush on your face and wait 30 minutes.  The waiting is the hardest part. It will get hard as plaster and make your face jump.  It’s crazy! Wash off with hot water.  It’s a little tough to get off but worth the results.  I saw some fine lines immediately go away.

What a great weekly pick me up.  I know I could sure use one.  If you would like something for a bi-daily use only use the DMK Exoderma peel.  It’s a little lighter of a product on its own.

Can’t wait to hear what you think about your pretty face.

Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

Sometimes as a mom its hard to go shopping.  We work, clean, take care of everyone, volunteer, cook and sooo much more.  Who has time to shop?

I have a few solutions that I have tried and love.  There is no feeling better than when someone says, “That’s cute…Where did you get that?”  Well…maybe someone asking if you’ve lost weight is better.

Stitch Fix

I first tried Stitch fix about 5 years ago.  First you have to fill out a few forms.  They ask you sizes, weights and show you examples of clothing and you like or dislike.  I linked my Pinterest account as well so your advisor can check out what you like and send you items accordingly.

You can get shoes, bags, purses, jewelry, clothes and more.  You can also request outfits for certain occasions.  Most items are well under $100 and very affordable.

You can schedule the boxes for whenever you like.  You can get them monthly or seasonly…whatever suits your needs best.

stitch fix

You will receive five items in your box.  The more you buy the more you save.  You go online and let them know which items you are keeping and which you are shipping back.  They provide a shipping label and Voila!

Now they even have Stitch Fix for Men!  This would be a great gift for your picky hubby.

Trunk Club

Trunk club is a Nordstrom Company.  That is the sole reason why I decided to try it.  I LOVE Nordstroms.  You will also fill out a long set of forms about size, preferences and style.  I also liked my Pinterest to this account as well.

Once you sign up you are assigned a personal shopper who you can always stay in contact with through the app.  She asked me if I had any preferences or special needs for my next shipment.  This would be super if you had a wedding or special occasion coming up and needed that special something, with no time to look for it.  You can schedule trunk club whenever you would like as well.

trunk club

Trunk Club send you a lot more peices…15 items!  First your stylist will send you an email listing all items she will send you in the trunk.  You can then say yes or no to all items in the trunk.  She will adjust the trunk per your specifications and mail it out.  When you receive your items you keep what you like.  There is no deal for buying the entire trunk.  pieces can vary in price from $200 and under.  You can give your personal shopper financial guidelines so there are no surprises.

You will then go on your app and mark what you are keeping and what you are returning,  The trunk comes with a return label and special pieces of tape to return the trunk.  Easy Peasy!

Convince!  That’s what this is all about.  The other perk of choosing one of these is it forces you to try on clothes out of our Comfort zones.  We have all picked up something off the rack, held it up and thought…”This would’nt look good on me!”  But seriously, how would we know that.  I always try on everything in the box, even if I feel like its gross!  I hope you give one of these a try.  It’s like Christmas!!

Let me know how you like it and keep me posted…Presents in the mail are the best!

Bathroom Transformation

It all started with a model home…


We had nothing to do on a Sunday and decided to go out and look at the new model homes in the next town over.  How fun…Right?  The new house smell,  the staging…Everything is amazing in a model home! Holy Bathroom!  I died and went to heaven.  This is where it all began.  I decided then and there that this bathroom would be great for my kids bathroom which is also the guest bathroom.


First I had to hunt down that tile!  Yeah right and good luck.  That was impossible.  I went to every tile shop in San Diego and found nada!  The closest I came was a custom-made and painted tile at $7 per tile. (Yeah right)  I had to come to the realization that was not happening.  I decided Mermaid tile was the second choice.  As in usual fashion the last shop I went to had everything I needed.  Not only the glass mermaid tile, but the grey floor and shower tile as well.


In looking for plumbing fixtures I stumbled across an amazing bath and kitchen store in San Diego. The sales woman was AMAZING with helping me since I want $10,000 shower plumbing for $500.  I found great Kohler products that looked custom at a great price.  Not to mention amazing quality. When it came to ordering all of the plumbing it was smooth sailing till the tub…the CAST IRON TUB!!!

I was always told by a family friend that was a contractor you always install a cast iron tub.  They are super heavy, but last a lifetime.  I always follow good contracting advice and order a cast iron tub.  After ordering we start demo.  All comes off without a hitch till I get a phone call.  The woman on the phone proceeds to tell me that the Kohler tub factory has burnt down to the ground and will not have tubs for 6 months!!!  Uhhh…Hello!!  I already demoed the bathroom!  What now?  Thankfully she found a different tub in stock similar that ended up working.  (Of course it was more expensive)


Next the custom bathroom vanity from B&D Cabinets was installed.  They are so good at design and the quality is amazing!

Now the tile…Thank goodness everything went smooth there because I had the exact amount of glass tile.  I didn’t want to have to buy extra. $$$

Plumbing was installed and now onto the finally…The shower doors.  As the installer is working he informs me that the tub is not level and the doors will not stayed close.  What????  I about lost my mind.  Thankfully he was really good at his job and about $150 later he shimed it and all was fine.


Just some shelves from amazon.  And a few other goodies from Homegoods and the bathroom is done.  I think the bathroom rug might be my favorite from Target.  YOU ARE AWESOME

Still needs TP holder and a towel bar.  Also don’t forget the BANKSY art that’s going up.  I will post the Grand Finale picture when all is done.





I’ve become a bag lady

Staying organized is a life long obsession. Being a teacher, mom and wife I’m constantly organizing everything! From my bedroom to my classroom, I’m always trying to find products that help me out.

I started using 31 bags about 4 years ago. No matter how many I have I always feel like I need more because they are all so useful.

My favorite is the large utilitye tote to take to the grocery store. I always get compliments for the baggers and check out staff on how nice my bags are. The metal around the bag helps to held its shape which makes it easy for picking and carrying. I’ve also seen people use them for babies at the beach.

My second favorite are the insulated snack bags. I use them in planes, parks, in the car, baseball games….the uses are endless! They now have the cutest snack bags that are unicorns and sharks oh my!

Not Only do these make great gifts but they are Very durable and easy to clean. I’ve  even thrown mine in the washing machine before.

thirty one


So i’ve seen all of my favorite celebrities bragging about Teami and how great it is.  I like to detox my body after eating a bunch of crap…so I thought I would give it a try.  Most celebrities have a discount code attached to their name so not such a bad deal.

I bought the drink tumbler cup, Colon and Skinny tea.  It took a couple of weeks to show up in the mail.

Tried the Colon tea first.  You drink it right before you go to bed.  It’s amazing!!  FYI:  It literally makes every ounce of poop come out of your body, so if you’re not down with that this is not the product for you.

The skinny tea you drink in the morning.  Havent really felt anything one way or another, but I figure it can’t hurt.

If you don’t like the taste of straight herbal tea they say you can add honey or lemon, but really it’s not that bad.

The best part about the cup is you can add fruit to your water and use it during the day! They have recipes on their website and many other products all well.

I think I would give them two thumbs up.  If you need a good cleaning out…This is your product.


Being Anemic Sucks!

Let me just start out by saying having Anemia sucks!  It all started one day during my morning boot camp.  After being at my peak of physical fitness, everything started getting very difficult to do.  That included standing around, working out and even picking the kids up. And did I mention…ALL my hair started falling out!!!  Brushes full!!

With only about 25% of my hair left I decided it was time to go to the doctor.  After a blood test my answer was Anemia.  I was put on iron and various other vitamins to help my hair and body repair…But what to do about my hair NOW???

I called my gal pal and hair dresser Lauren in tears…”MY HAIR!!!  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???”  She said it was time to put extensions in.  I had been debating on getting hair extensions, but do to cost I didn’t.  Well let me tell you…When all your hair falls out you’ll pay whatever it costs to fix it if possible.

After talking to Lauren we decided in tape in extensions.  Its gentle on the hair and stays in well with my busy life.  That was the best day ever!  Now my hair appointments average 2.5 hours, but totally worth it.  They have lasted one year and are still looking great!  I think I’m ready to upgrade to a longer set for next year.

For anyone going through this find your local gal pal and get hooked up!!!  It’s totally worth it!!

Sunburns in San Diego

Monday was the first whole day by the pool.  Needless to say this white chick is burned from head to toe.  Wearing skinny jeans and sweaters all winter didn’t help my tan!  While living in pain I found a super cool organic product on Amazon to help.  Its called Maui Vera and it is amazing!  It is think, so it stays on well.  Smells super yummy and has a cooling effect.

IMG_5806For more infomation on this product head over to