The Perfect Swimsuit

We made it!  After landing at Maui’s airport, picking up the rental car and doing a shopping run at the grocery store it’s time to relax.

We decided to go to downtown Lahaina tonight to walk around for a little bit.  There are lots of shops, but I saw a swimsuit only store.  THE HORROR!.

I have to preface the story by stating I’ve had two C-sections…Hence the horror.  I have the bump or shelf that most women have.  Needless to say it is tough to find a cute swimsuit that I like.


So back to the story.  I walked in and this place is like a swimwear rainbow.  So pretty inside.

The lovely sales girl named CHYAN helped me.  They have a display of all top and bottom styles.  She was super knowledgable on what would work best for me.  They have every solid you can think of and even prints.

I found the unicorn…a swimsuit I love!  Super cute Hawaiian print.  Maybe with a few lava flows I might post a picture later.

Solids can be ordered online, but prints are limited to the stores only.  Check it out next time your on Maui!

1 thought on “The Perfect Swimsuit”

  1. A swim suit rainbow is a perfect description! Don’t think they have my size though, thank the Lord for the favor! Lol, I would have said “small favor” but it would be a lie. Funny though. Have fun, love you😘


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