Galentines party for Girls

I think my daughter thought I was insane when I suggested a Galentines Day party for her and her friends to celebrate.  Once I explained what Galentines Day was she was 100% on board.  Girls are pretty easy to please.  It’s a simple formula: Food.Sugar.Crafts.Movie.

The food was an easy choice.  Custom made english muffin pizzas.  You can never go wrong with a make your own pizza station.


While resting from dinner they worked on a Valentine craft making little pom pom guys.  They had a blast making these.  It definitely does not have to be anything super complicated.  The girls are 13 and 14 and still had fun.  I think a stray eye may even have been glued on a forehead.


The sweets are always my favorite part.  Large cupcakes, cookies, M&M’s and ice cream sundaes.  I let the kids make the sundaes.


Decor is  super easy.  A few pretty flowers, some candles and treats.  Lots of hearts of course. It was very easy and I had most items on hand.  The girls had a great time and can’t wait to have another party next year.

I hope all of you celebrating Galentines this year have a blast!

Here are a few items you can pickup!


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