I wish the bags under my eyes were Chanel

I love a good bag.  Chanel, Louis Vuitton….even Thirty one, but I hate the puffy black bags I usually wake up with in the morning under my eyes.  Chalk it up to being a teacher, Mom, taxi driver, chef, etc…  All of us overachieving moms who are up late making memories for our kids.  We all give up sleep creating magic. Waking up with puffy dark circles under our eyes.

I have found an amazing product that in 10-15 minutes makes me feel whole again and makes the puffy go away.  Not only did I find a product, I found a half price dupe from Target that works just as well.


The first one I found at the check out line at Sephora.  They always sucker me in like candy for toddlers at the grocery checkout.  This time I hit the skin care lottery!  The product is called Peace out puffy eyes.  The product says it all and does it all.  Peel, stick and peace out!  It’s seriously that easy.


When I saw the Elf Hydrogel Under Eye Mask at Target I though yeah right, but I gave them a try.  Holy Moly!  It’s the same result.  I even checked the ingredients and it is very similar.  I’m not a scientist, but I tried to read all of those big words and its close.  The Peace out brand is a more natural pick.  But the ELF brand are half the price.

You can’t go wrong with either product.  So until I wake up with LV embossed Speedy’s under my eyes, I’m breaking out these eye masks.


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