Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

Sometimes as a mom its hard to go shopping.  We work, clean, take care of everyone, volunteer, cook and sooo much more.  Who has time to shop?

I have a few solutions that I have tried and love.  There is no feeling better than when someone says, “That’s cute…Where did you get that?”  Well…maybe someone asking if you’ve lost weight is better.

Stitch Fix

I first tried Stitch fix about 5 years ago.  First you have to fill out a few forms.  They ask you sizes, weights and show you examples of clothing and you like or dislike.  I linked my Pinterest account as well so your advisor can check out what you like and send you items accordingly.

You can get shoes, bags, purses, jewelry, clothes and more.  You can also request outfits for certain occasions.  Most items are well under $100 and very affordable.

You can schedule the boxes for whenever you like.  You can get them monthly or seasonly…whatever suits your needs best.

stitch fix

You will receive five items in your box.  The more you buy the more you save.  You go online and let them know which items you are keeping and which you are shipping back.  They provide a shipping label and Voila!

Now they even have Stitch Fix for Men!  This would be a great gift for your picky hubby.

Trunk Club

Trunk club is a Nordstrom Company.  That is the sole reason why I decided to try it.  I LOVE Nordstroms.  You will also fill out a long set of forms about size, preferences and style.  I also liked my Pinterest to this account as well.

Once you sign up you are assigned a personal shopper who you can always stay in contact with through the app.  She asked me if I had any preferences or special needs for my next shipment.  This would be super if you had a wedding or special occasion coming up and needed that special something, with no time to look for it.  You can schedule trunk club whenever you would like as well.

trunk club

Trunk Club send you a lot more peices…15 items!  First your stylist will send you an email listing all items she will send you in the trunk.  You can then say yes or no to all items in the trunk.  She will adjust the trunk per your specifications and mail it out.  When you receive your items you keep what you like.  There is no deal for buying the entire trunk.  pieces can vary in price from $200 and under.  You can give your personal shopper financial guidelines so there are no surprises.

You will then go on your app and mark what you are keeping and what you are returning,  The trunk comes with a return label and special pieces of tape to return the trunk.  Easy Peasy!

Convince!  That’s what this is all about.  The other perk of choosing one of these is it forces you to try on clothes out of our Comfort zones.  We have all picked up something off the rack, held it up and thought…”This would’nt look good on me!”  But seriously, how would we know that.  I always try on everything in the box, even if I feel like its gross!  I hope you give one of these a try.  It’s like Christmas!!

Let me know how you like it and keep me posted…Presents in the mail are the best!

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